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November 24, 2006  
  Add-on to ESA: smart Processing in ESA-warehouse
»   Control table for smart-posting key
»   Inventory management 'Production line' in the Bensberg component  
»   Selective processing of EDLNOT 36 according to posting key 
»   Analysis of the complete document flow according to smart-posting key
September 15, 2006 
  Delivery performance SD: Release 6.0  
»   Evaluation of consignment stocks/VMI  
»   Analysis of defective parts PPM  
»   New evaluation procedure for service criterion, as e.g. own certification at the customer's 
»   Parallel measuring by applying to two different parameter records  
August 1, 2006  
  Delins Forecast and JIT delivery schedules: Release 6.0  
»   Proviso of delivery or acceptance in case of quantity exceedance with automatic communication
»   New IDoc-separation according to EDI-sender
»   New check procedure 'Field contents': all field contents available in the customer and material master data can be monitored 
»   New check procedure 'Target quantity': Monitoring of target quantity agreed on in the scheduling agreement, which is to be considered as upper limit for a material to be ordered and delivered
»   Analysis Left/Right parts now also for more than two related customer material numbers
August 1, 2006  
  Orders: Enhancements to release 2.0  
»   New check procedure 'Minimum/Maximum quantities  
»   New check procedure 'Quantity deviations for delivery orders'
»   New check procedure 'Backlog'
»   New check procedure 'Texts'
»   New check procedure 'Contents of master data'
»   New analyses for 'Completed IDoc' or for 'Transfers'
»   Fast entry screen for orders transmitted by fax or phone. By this screen an IDoc can be generated for orders not transmitted by EDI, which runs through all check procedures and can be analyzed. 





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